So, What’s With the New Social Credit System?

After a series of really thought-provoking lectures, I began to question everything. What really stood out to me this week was the new social system adopted by China, that has been referred to as a dystopian nightmare. The Social Credit System is the new way of monitoring citizens. It aims to reward individuals who performContinue reading “So, What’s With the New Social Credit System?”

Open Source vs. Closed Source Software

Each week, I log onto WordPress and write my blogs. And I often wonder how I am able to customise my theme with a touch of a button. I am able to create a free blog and make it look aesthetically pleasing as I want. But how? This is where the Open Source Software (OSS)Continue reading “Open Source vs. Closed Source Software”

Digital Artefact Beta

I decided to make a twitter page to review movies and tv shows, after realising that there weren’t many accounts that were specifically dedicated to reviewing the entertainment industry. I also chose to include additional content on the side, such as recommendations and ratings. Prototyping aesthetics and content became really important to my project becauseContinue reading “Digital Artefact Beta”

Intellectual Property: That’s Hot®

After learning about intellectual property this week, I was really fascinated by the idea of trademarks. A trademark is a symbol, word, or a set of words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. In saying this, trademark infringement is a violation of the exclusive rights attached to a trademarkContinue reading “Intellectual Property: That’s Hot®”

The Simulation Theory

Ever feel like life isn’t real? As if you’re living a life controlled by an external power? Well, if yes, you might’ve pondered on the idea that life is just a simulation… nothing more than hyperreality. Now if you’re wondering, hyperreality is an inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality. ThisContinue reading “The Simulation Theory”

Framing and the Construction of Perception

Now, for the third instalment of The Internet Paradigm, the framing and the construction of perception is all about how we, users of media, are constantly building our knowledge and expanding the information that is stored in our minds. New concepts introduced to us tend to be more difficult to fathom, whereas the those thatContinue reading “Framing and the Construction of Perception”

Distributed Media and Meme Warfare

Continuing on with the same topic as last week, The Internet Paradigm, this week is focused around distributed media and meme warfare. We looked further into the changes within the modes of production, distribution, and the consumption of information as users of media. More specifically, the ever-growing media published and shared around the web, andContinue reading “Distributed Media and Meme Warfare”

Networked Participation and Collective Intelligence

Before social media existed, communication between people was incredibly centralised. This means the audience would rely solely on one main provider to access the media – aka the gatekeeper. But now, with the emergence of all these different platforms and freedom for users, the gatekeeper has been eliminated. We now have a decentralised communication method,Continue reading “Networked Participation and Collective Intelligence”

The Medium is the Message: Part II

The way we consume media has immensely evolved since its origin. Our digital world allows for quick and efficient communication and the mass consumption of media. In last week’s blog post, I mentioned the fact that technology exists has a far greater impact on us than any message we deliver using technology. This week, weContinue reading “The Medium is the Message: Part II”

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