So, What’s With the New Social Credit System?

After a series of really thought-provoking lectures, I began to question everything. What really stood out to me this week was the new social system adopted by China, that has been referred to as a dystopian nightmare. The Social Credit System is the new way of monitoring citizens. It aims to reward individuals who perform good deeds, and punish those who don’t. Things like this can include charity donations, spending habits and social interactions. Therefore a person’s credit score can constantly change. It was initially introduced in China in 2014, and is due to run nationally by 2020. The Chinese government have stated that this new system is “all about building trust”.

The system was obviously set up to bring welfare to citizens and the country, though, there are many flaws that come with it. I wanted to list the positives and negatives to get a true grasp on how this system will impact us.

What Are the Benefits and Goals of the System?

  • more good deeds and charity work
  • extra donations of money and blood
  • improve economy

What’s Bad About the System?

  • lack of privacy: 24/7 surveillance
  • limited freedom: individuals now may face the possibility of being denied in places due to their credit score
  • increased criticism within a society: everyone has access to anyone’s credit score, and therefore will bring judgement upon those with a low score
  • total government control over individuals and businesses

A Few Good Resources to Check Out:

One thought on “So, What’s With the New Social Credit System?

  1. tayadelich says:

    I like how you added a few hyperlinks/other sources to read up further on the New Social Credit system, the briefness of your blog is good as it gets straight to the point and is a reinforcement of what has been said in the lecture but in a condensed version.

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