Digital Artefact Beta

I decided to make a twitter page to review movies and tv shows, after realising that there weren’t many accounts that were specifically dedicated to reviewing the entertainment industry. I also chose to include additional content on the side, such as recommendations and ratings.

Prototyping aesthetics and content became really important to my project because I realised it is what really attracts an audience in, and helps me solidify a loyal audience. I invested my time into creating an original aesthetic to my page. I also made sure to include interesting content and appealing visual effects.

My followers are constantly engaging with the page and content by following, liking, commenting, and sharing my posts. The feedback I receive from my followers really helps me focus on developing original and interesting content. This is what helped me decide to change up my posts to fit my audience’s wants, by creating and iterating more comedy-based reviews.

As for quality assurance and project management, I make sure to post at least five times a week to keep my audience updated and engaged. I try to reach for at least three engagements per post, whether that be a like, retweet, or comment.

Differentiating my project to the competition really draws users in to my page. The format I have used for this project is succinct and easy to read, with additional visual stimuli to appeal to the user. I have used twitter as my platform. This means the content I am posting is readily accessible, free, and easy to navigate. My main topics are reviews, recommendations, gifs, ratings.

Also, the link to my youtube video explaining my Digital Artefact in greater detail is here: Digital Artefact Beta

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