The Medium is the Message: Part II

The way we consume media has immensely evolved since its origin. Our digital world allows for quick and efficient communication and the mass consumption of media. In last week’s blog post, I mentioned the fact that technology exists has a far greater impact on us than any message we deliver using technology. This week, we looked into how The Internet Paradigm has become a huge part of the way we use social media, and technology as a whole.

The Internet Paradigm means that the digitalisation dissolves the boundaries between production and conception. We currently live in an age where the audience of media are also the creators. Users are now able to create, produce, distribute and sell their own content with a low cost of production and a low risk of failure.

Emergent media such as vaporware, mass customisation, rapid prototyping and glitching features have recently become popularised within social media networks, and as a form of art. It’s so simple to produce and distribute media, anybody can do it in just seconds. Down below is a gif I made from the famous “American Gothic” painting by Grant Wood in 1930, using PHOTOMOSH. It showcases these popular trends, and it only took 2 minutes to make. See! It’s as easy as that!

5 thoughts on “The Medium is the Message: Part II

  1. shengcheng1998 says:

    Totally agree about what you mentioned in your blog, the Internet has changed out world and also facilitated our lives.It is very convenience for us to made an artwork by using the tools on Internet.Maybe you could explain a little bit more about the reason for why digital media can bring people with a low cost of production and a low risk of failure :p

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  2. Ebony Dobeson says:

    I completely agree! It’s unbelievable to actually understand how much information we can absorb due to the changing of distribution. Also the way that anyone can create and sell their products within minutes has completely changed the way in which we use the internet and our own creative minds.
    P.S. If you maybe mention in bigger detail the connections to the ‘Medium is the Message’ would give the reader a good understanding on how this all connects to your previous post πŸ™‚

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  3. tayadelich says:

    What you mention in your blog is very true, relating to how the internet has changed our society and how it is convenient for individuals to make art from different apps and tools off the internet. You could possibly mention some of the failures with with the internet and how it isn’t always reliable.

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