Research Reflection

With search engines and data at our fingertips, researching has never been easier — and it’s important to take advantage of this. Over the course of this semester, I began to understand the importance of curiosity and research. I undertook a research project based on student identity while studying at uni and working a part-timeContinue reading “Research Reflection”

Losing Your Identity While Studying and Working Part-Time

As humans, our sense of identity is what makes our individual selves feel important. The anxiety around identity loss is especially heightened in university. For this task specifically, I will be focusing on university students’ sense of identity in relation to university life with a part-time job. More so, it is to illustrate how universityContinue reading “Losing Your Identity While Studying and Working Part-Time”

Research Proposal: Uni, Work and Identity Loss

Many students have expectations of university being a linear plan; to study, graduate, and go on to work full-time. However, as most of us have already recognised, this is not the case. Things get in the way: personal struggles, social lives, jobs, fluctuating motivation, and most recently, the Coronavirus. All these factors make balancing aContinue reading “Research Proposal: Uni, Work and Identity Loss”

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