Distributed Media and Meme Warfare

Continuing on with the same topic as last week, The Internet Paradigm, this week is focused around distributed media and meme warfare. We looked further into the changes within the modes of production, distribution, and the consumption of information as users of media.

More specifically, the ever-growing media published and shared around the web, and the war of ideas it creates, is referred to as ‘meme warfare’. This phrase was originally coined by Andrew Boyd, a social change activist, when he realised with the rise of social media, that the internet inevitably holds huge power.

Memes are information replicated and shared throughout the different internet cultures. Log onto any social media platform and you’re guaranteed to see a meme in the first 10 seconds of scrolling. They are something that helps connect the world through historic events, pop culture revelations, and even the toughest of times. However, with the internet comes tolls, haters and hackers. This is where the negatives of memes can arise, being used for propaganda and to spread hate. Ultimately, it’s the user’s responsibility to choose between the positive and the negative. But sometimes you just can’t take your eyes off the negatives…

2 thoughts on “Distributed Media and Meme Warfare

  1. shengcheng1998 says:

    Hey,its me again XD.This week we have learned about the distributed media and meme warfare.In your blog, you have mentioned the way that how people are using media today, with the developed media,people can share their idea and post it online, people use memes to express their idea more specifically and make it interesting.These idea could be positive and also goes negative, which is hate speech,because everyone have different opinion.You also mentioned about how hackers use meme to control people thought and post negative information online. Anyway like your blog!

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  2. tayadelich says:

    I like your blog as you mention how there are problematic memes and with that there can become problematic issues within the internet, which can be negative within the internet but as known that is going to occur with any memes they’re all perceived differently and from that there can be problems with memes that may not be seen as problematic to certain individuals.

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