How Has Youtube Commentary Changed My Life?

With the films I had watched prior to their reaction videos, each Youtube channel would pick up on certain elements of the film that I didn’t take note of the first time watching it. These include character flaws, camera angles, lighting choices, missed opportunities with the plot, and continuity issues. The comments related to theseContinue reading “How Has Youtube Commentary Changed My Life?”

Watching Movies Through the Eyes of Influencers

Hi, and welcome to this long awaited blog post series. I will be uploading three posts in this series, focusing on the movie commentary community on Youtube, and how members of this niche interact with one another, think, and feel. My main goal is to understand if, and to what degree, Youtubers influence how audienceContinue reading “Watching Movies Through the Eyes of Influencers”

BCM241 Pitch

The media niche I have chosen for my ethnographical study is the movie commentary Youtube community. I will focus on how the content creators and fans involved operate and connect with one another.  My research plan and method consists of secondary research, observation, auto-ethnography, and the production of my digital artefact — all to furtherContinue reading “BCM241 Pitch”

Background Research and Ethical Considerations

header image source: JordanBoltonDesign, Etsy As mentioned in my previous blog “Problematisation, Planning and Scheduling Research”, I discussed how I’m interested in focusing on how the opinions of Youtubers in the movie commentary niche, are able to alter those of the audience members. Now that I have problematised my niche, the next step is to takeContinue reading “Background Research and Ethical Considerations”

Field Site Map of My Media Niche

header image source: Youtube In order to undertake an ethnographical study, a field site map must be made to understand the niche in more detail (Burrell, 2009). How exactly do the components interact and relate to one another? Since deciding to focus my niche on movie commentary Youtube channels, I asked myself a series ofContinue reading “Field Site Map of My Media Niche”

My Media Niche: Movie Commentary Youtube Channels

header image source: Youtube and Instagram (edited by me) A media niche, or niche audience, is a smaller, subgroup of a mainstream audience. The niche audience is made up of individuals who share specific wants, needs and interests. They hold great value for brands because of their interactive nature, i.e. the audience interacting with theContinue reading “My Media Niche: Movie Commentary Youtube Channels”

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