BCM241 Pitch

The media niche I have chosen for my ethnographical study is the movie commentary Youtube community. I will focus on how the content creators and fans involved operate and connect with one another. 

My research plan and method consists of secondary research, observation, auto-ethnography, and the production of my digital artefact — all to further my knowledge for this project. A schedule was made a few weeks ago to keep me on track with the work needed to complete this study. This entails tasks such as: engaging with content on social media, finding patterns in the comments, and assessing the interactions between fans and creators.

In their study on the effects of online opinions, Huang et al state that the more online comments being posted on a Youtube video involving a movie, the higher the level of awareness of the movie is. Thus, these videos have the ability to drastically alter the success of the movie — hence proving that Youtubers have a high influence on the audience. They went on to suggest that the reviews/commentary being posted on Youtube may become a replacement for the movie itself — since many of the pivotal scenes are shown.

If you are interested in following this research project, feel free to follow this blog for updates, or the Twitter to my digital artefact: @reactsnocontext.

Reference List:

Huang, J. Boh, WF. & Goh, KH. (2017). ’A temporal study of the effects of online opinions: information sources matter’, Journal of Management Information Systems, vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 1169–1202.

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