My Media Niche: Movie Commentary Youtube Channels

header image source: Youtube and Instagram (edited by me)

A media niche, or niche audience, is a smaller, subgroup of a mainstream audience. The niche audience is made up of individuals who share specific wants, needs and interests. They hold great value for brands because of their interactive nature, i.e. the audience interacting with the content creator, as well as each other as a community (Issuu, 2018).

For me personally, finding a media niche was more difficult than I thought. This is mainly because I like a lot of things, but love very few. It has taken me almost a week to decide on a media niche for this project, but alas, I’ve decided on something I think is worthwhile.

I realised my niche while I was procrastinating, ironically. I often go to streaming sites to find comfort, or use them as a form of stress relief. I love Youtube and I love movies. This is where my niche comes into play. Movie commentary on Youtube has gotten exponentially more popular over the years, though there are still only very few creators who target this particular niche. I, for one, love these types of Youtube videos, and can watch them for hours on end. 

With all this being said, my media niche for this project will centre around movie commentary videos and channels on Youtube. This basically involves Youtubers (with channels specifically dedicated to movie reactions) commentating on, and reviewing cult favourite or newly released movies (and television shows) with the purpose of entertaining their audience. It’s the perfect mix of humour and movie reviewing. As for copyright reasons, the Youtubers pick out sections and scenes of the movie that are significant, funny, iconic, emotional, or a mix of all. The Youtube videos typically go for 20-30 minutes and often include the beginning and the end of the film for context, with a final conclusion or review of the film as a whole. 

This particular media niche is quite a tight-knit community, with a strong fanbase, inside jokes between content creators and their fans, and collaborations throughout the community. Viewers typically watch more than one creator in this niche.

My personal favourite channels in this niche are: Trin Lovell, Dylan Is In Trouble (Dylan Matthews) and Pretty Much It (Jacob Shao and Eric Striffler). I believe they are the biggest content creators in the market because they come across as very down to Earth people with a witty sense of humour. I practically watch every video that these three channels post, and have been doing so for the past couple of years now. These channels also listen and respond to their audience’s feedback and suggestions very well. Almost every movie featured is a recommendation by a fan or a group of fans. Furthermore, the audience in the comment section of the Youtube videos often spark up discussions between themselves, which only strengthens the market.

Here are a couple of my favourite reactions by two popular Youtubers, just to give you an idea about the sort of content that’s being produced. Both the film and show featured in these videos were some of the most highly requested by fans, which contributed to the videos’ success.

These Youtubers are active on other social media, namely Twitter and Instagram, and over time, have accumulated a large following. This tells me that their audience are not only interested in the content they produce, but are also invested in their personal lives. This allows the content creators to interact with their following on a more casual level. 

image source: Twitter

This specific niche is something that I am personally very interested in, and I hope I am able to interest others, too. I am particularly eager to examine the audience and fans of these movie commentary channels, and how, why, when, and where they experience and consume the niche content.

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