Research Reflection

With search engines and data at our fingertips, researching has never been easier — and it’s important to take advantage of this. Over the course of this semester, I began to understand the importance of curiosity and research. I undertook a research project based on student identity while studying at uni and working a part-time job. My main goal was to provide solutions to coping with stress and minimising the risk of identity loss associated with it. I made sure to do this by following ethical considerations while also being reflexive. 

Research Project: Losing Your Identity While Studying and Working Part-Time

I wanted to create infographics to capture the reader. I know sometimes paragraphs of text can be a little overwhelming, so I thought breaking it up with images would be more effective in getting my point across.

Ethical Considerations

I was lucky to not have any troubles when it came to the participants. Thankfully, no participants requested to withdraw from the project. And I made sure no names or personal information were shared in the final opinion piece.

Being Reflexive

I did, however, struggle with acquiring participants for the project. By the third week of the survey being up, I had only received 18 responses. Seeing as though there were multiple aspects to my survey, I needed more data to fill in the gaps. But through direct messaging, replying to Tweets and completing other students’ surveys, I was able to get a substantial sample size of 63. Because I was more concerned with obtaining a larger sample size, I stopped accepting responses only a couple of days before the deadline. This caused me to rush the data analysis process.

Data Collection

The only primary research I obtained was that from a survey. Although this made it easier to analyse, I regret not conducting interviews. I feel like that would’ve given me the extra data I needed take the project to the next level. I found it quite interesting to graph the data and see how similar some of the students’ answers were to each other. However, I found it difficult to translate and summarise the data into written words. This could be improved by simply taking more time on the process.

Looking Into The Future

After reflecting on this project, I have learnt new things I can take with me and use in future projects. One thing I would do differently is plan more. In task 2, I created a Gantt chart, however I did not stick to it. I feel as though I left certain aspects to the last minute, which caused me to rush through important steps in the process. Nevertheless, this project taught me to manage my time more efficiently.

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