Module 3: Making

The Making of Pastime Activities

So far, I have created a WordPress website dedicated to providing my audience with a guide on what movies to watch in certain situations or times. In the first module of ideating, I figured out what I wanted my project to focus on — movies. Then in the second module of prototyping, I experimented with different layouts, aesthetics, and content — which ultimately allowed me to figure out what exactly I found the most interesting. Now, after using my knowledge gained from the first two modules, I have made my project into something useful and something I am proud of.

WordPress as a Platform:

WordPress has been a really good platform to use for my DA as it has allowed me to create unique blog posts, while also following the FIST rule. I now have multiple categories to easily navigate through and a home page to view all posts. As for the content, I have been able to structure the posts in a simple yet effective way, allowing the user to browse through each post at ease. The aesthetics of my project was very important, and WordPress really allowed me to experiment and style the site the way I wanted.


The first issue I stumbled upon was regarding my accompanying Twitter page [@PastimeActiv], and the lack of content I posted and the minimal feedback I received from it. I realised I wanted to just focus on my WordPress page, which was already doing quite well on its own, and therefore I thought the Twitter page wouldn’t be of much help anyway.

Then after posting every week throughout the semester, I found that my user interactions became inconsistent towards the final weeks. This made it difficult to pin-point which posts were doing well and what weren’t. Nonetheless, I continued uploading blog posts and the audience number maintained the same. I was still receiving positive feedback through numbers and likes, so this didn’t impact my project too much.

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