BCM114 Digital Artefact

Visit my Digital Artefact: Pastime Activities

Project Summary:

I have developed a website dedicated to movie playlists because I wanted to give users a platform where they know they can access the best movie recommendations for whatever situation or mood they are in. While conducting research, I didn’t find one website that was solely based on curating movie playlists for moods or seasons, etc. so I thought it was a perfect project idea.

Some websites I gathered inspiration from were the popular movie review websites IMDB and Thrillist: Top 50 Best Movies of All Time & The Definitive Ranking of the 1,001 Best Movies Ever. Along with that, Instagram accounts such as @eyesneverliechico and @gofites gave me inspiration regarding the aesthetics and look of my website.

I began this project by brainstorming themes and categories to feature at the top of the page. Then I gathered ideas for the blogs themselves — more specifically, the content and theme for each. Once I created my first couple blog posts, the ideas came more easily to me and I was able to produce more content.

The main social utility for my project is ultimately to provide a go-to source for users to browse through when they are struggling to find a good movie or TV show to watch. Included in the digital artefact are categories of: decades, streaming services, rankings of popular movie franchises, and genre playlists.

Analysis of Important Learning Moments:

Through constant prototyping of the aesthetics, content and layout of my digital artefact, I now have a project that follows the FIST rule and is something I am proud of.

As mentioned before, the first set of blogs to go better than expected were my “Best of the Decade” posts, which gained an average of 7 viewers per post. These blog posts resonated with users as they were both useful and interesting. And so therefore, I stuck with that theme and created 2 new series out of it: The Best of Netflix and The Best of Stan. These also did well, based off the feedback I received, so I completed each with 4 blog posts. I continued to post about genres and rankings, which also brought in viewers.

The analytics above show the user engagement throughout September and October; spiking on the days I uploaded a blog post. This shows me that my audience are actually interested in the content I post, positively impacting my project as a whole.

All in all, this project was exceptionally fun and rewarding to make. I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of prototyping and building off user feedback in order to create the best project possible. Thank you.

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