Module 2: Prototyping

My Digital Artefact so far has been focusing on curating movie playlists — for different moods, genres, decades, and popular movie franchises. I’ve really been enjoying the project and I’m excited to continue with it for the next month, and possibly even after the final DA is due.

Update Since Beta / New Blog Ideas:

After receiving feedback and ideas from my Beta, I decided to try out more concepts for my playlists. I first trialled playlists for different streaming services. The top 2 websites used in Australia are Netflix and Stan, and neither have a playlist option on their websites; so I have focused on these two. After posting two blogs about the best TV shows on each company’s site, I decided to go along with it. I also wanted to tie in the established series I have, “The Best of the Decade”, for continuity on the blog. Then the two new series were created — “The Best of Netflix”, and “The Best of Stan”.

Content and Layouts:

I tested out different layouts of my posts — and what exactly I included in them. At first, I included a small introduction to the blog post, the name of the movie, the year it was created, a trailer from Youtube, a quote, and where it’s available for viewing.

After posting in this layout for the first couple of months, I wanted to change it up a bit. Starting at the beginning of this month, I experimented by only including the name of the movie or TV show, the year(s) it was made, a simple plot, the film or show’s genre, and a still shot from a scene. I much prefer this layout, as it’s more simple (following the FIST rule).

Also, since posting my Beta, I have decided to change up the types of blogs I will be posting each week, for the next couple of weeks. Rather than posting 1 playlist blog, 1 rankings blog, and 1 blog for my series — I will instead post 1 blog for each of the two series I have, while altering between 1 playlist and 1 ranking blog each week. So I will still be posting three times a week. This is because the engagement I have received is a lot higher the days I post the series blogs, and I also enjoy creating the blogs for Stan and Netflix more than others — so I thought it was a win/win.


Because I care a lot about the look of my project, aesthetics became really important to me. I wanted something modern, professional and eye-catching. I sorted through Pinterest for inspiration and finally found something that I really liked. I went for a collage theme throughout my blog, and related each blog feature photo to the content in the blog. For example, my “Best of the 1980s” blog had a collage full of the best and most iconic 80’s films. Overall, I found this aesthetic to be the most interesting and suited the blog really well.

Future Plans:

As mentioned before, I created two blog posts dedicated to TV shows on Netflix and Stan — which I really enjoyed. Though, there is so much more that I could possibly experiment with TV shows — like ranking each season of a particular series. I will hopefully begin a new category on my blog along those lines, once I have completed the two series currently in the works.

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