BCM114 Digital Artefact Beta


Since posting my pitch, I have changed directions with my project. I have now found a niche in what I am interested in, as well as my audience — which is movies. I am now focusing on the idea of using films and tv shows as a form of a pastime activity.

Considering Australia’s two biggest streaming services, Netflix and Stan, don’t have a playlist option within their websites, I have decided to curate my own to share with my users. Along with this, I have come up with a ranking category — where I take famous film series and rate each movie from best to worst. Additionally, I have created my own series called “Best of the Decade”, which was really interesting to do, and I will therefore be posting another original series or two, in the future.


I first began my prototyping by testing the aesthetics of my blog, and asking myself if I wanted a simple look or an eye-catching look. After researching and looking through through my own favourite websites for inspiration, I found the perfect look for my page. Here are my two prototypes below. I went with my second prototype as it is a lot more intriguing for the audience. I then began prototyping the content in my blog posts. I tried out a series, and it did well — and therefore, I will continue to create new and original themes.


So far, I have only been posting 1-2 times a week, but I wish to add to that. My process following on from now is shown below. I will further be able to find out what works with my audience, and what they don’t seem to be interested in.

When I began posting consistently every Thursday, the engagement went up each week. This is why I intend to post more often in the future — to ultimately gain a bigger audience and maximise the success of my project.

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