BCM114 Digital Artefact Pitch

My idea for my digital artefact is a website created on WordPress called “Pastime Activities”, that gives my audience ideas and suggestions on what to do when they’re bored.

I found this to be a good idea because every time I’m bored I tend to watch movies and tv
shows that I’ve already watched — and basically waste the day. So, to make it easier for my audience, I’ve decided to create a website that provides all of this information in one simple website. So no more website hopping for hours trying to find something interesting, because my page will have it all.

The five main topics I plan to post about will be: food, entertainment (including books, music, movies, and tv shows), travel, pop culture and crafts.

The main utility for my website is to provide a simple platform for my audience to gain ideas about what to do when they’re bored. I want it to interesting, easy-to-navigate and include all the information they are seeking.

Twitter: @PastimeActiv

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66xGARuXkjY&t=1s

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