Who Owns Our Media?

This week’s topic is all about media industries and ownership. So, I began to ask myself what my preferred ‘news’ source is. I don’t usually watch the news on tv regularly, unless it’s with my family. I do, however, consume media on a daily basis, which means I am able to access the latest news via multiple sources.

My recent go-to app is actually Twitter. I’m able to see the latest articles and tweets about current events as soon as they occur. These articles range from lighthearted topics, such as Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s fake April Fools pregnancy, to groundbreaking events like the Christchurch massacre. Not only that, but it also allows users to chime in with their opinions and thoughts by tweeting. This is what really connects people from around the world.

Then we started talking about who, exactly, controls what is shared with us. And honestly, I had never really thought about this until we discussed in the lecture. In my case, the CEO of Twitter is Jack Dorsey, as of 2015. I had never heard of him before now, but I did some stalking of his own twitter account, @jack, and I was pretty content with what I saw. Although his personal Twitter is more so based more around his own life, he does seem to be quite inclusive with different cultures, while also bringing awareness to current issues – which are both important.

Unfortunately, there were some posts promoting certain brands and products which made me second guess his intentions. Although these sponsors don’t seem to be harming anyone, it doesn’t make me trust him all that much. That doesn’t mean I won’t stop using it. I still love Twitter, but now I won’t be solely relying on the site to deliver me the latest news.

Here is a great articles I found while researching the most credible new sources: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/trust-news-sites/. Included are 13 international news sites, so check it out if you wish!

One thought on “Who Owns Our Media?

  1. tayadelich says:

    Nice blog post, I like how you talk about media ownership but in a different way and talk about it through twitter and social media instead of the “typical” media sources. It was also a good way to bring up sponsorships as so many people nowadays have sponsorships on the internet it is difficult to see which ones are truely honest and high ones are not.

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