Module 1: Ideating

Pastime Activities:

I originally created my Digital Artefact to provide my audience ideas and suggestions on what to do when they’re bored – called “Pastime Activities“.

New Direction:

While prototyping and posting a range of more art-based blogs, I realised I wasn’t as interested in my project as I hoped. It felt more like a chore than a body of work I could be proud of. It wasn’t until I wrote my Harry Potter blog, that I realised I wanted to gear more towards movie-based topics. The film industry has always been something I’ve been interested in, and I knew it would give me more of a chance to improve upon my blog. As a result, I have altered the concept of my project. Still sticking with the ‘pastime’ & ‘boredom’ theme, I will be focusing more on ranking movies and creating playlists for certain kinds of days or moods. This, too, would allow me to find more of a niche audience that I could cater to, more specifically.

Going along with the FIST rule — I’ve made my blog easy to navigate and my posts simple to read. This means only including the most essential information.

As I’m also studying marketing, brand establishment was really important to me when creating my project. I first created a logo that included all aspect of my blog: art, entertainment and travel. Although I was proud of the finished piece, I knew it would no longer fit the new theme I had in mind for the blog. Therefore, I created a new one.

Feedback & Audience Engagement:

From the analytics above, it’s clear there was a jump in audience activity on the 28th of August — which was when I posted the first blog since changing direction. It gives me an indication that my audience are interested in the new content.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter: @PastimeActiv


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